The Technology Process

Topographic RTK Survey

A proper survey is the beginning to a successful farming operation

Drainage Design

Using state of the art software in drainage design with national and international drainage course qualifications in surface and sub-surface drainage design and installation.


Using the best and biggest machinery currently on the market for the installation of drainage for a accurate and efficient installation.

Demonstration Video

Subsurface Technology

Tile Plow

The “Tile Plow” is the latest trenchless technology for installing sub-surface drainage mechanically.

ASTM F449-97 Standard

Tile Plow design and installation technique results in minimal soil disturbance ensuring drainage pipes stay clean and free of clogging from excess sediment.


Using RTK GPS technology, we install the drainage system to sub-inch accuracy ensuring an ideal predetermined slope to ensure correct water flow.

Surveying Technology

Quad Bike

For smaller survey areas, a quad-bike
equipped with RTK GPS is used. This allows fast turnaround time while maintaining high mobility and access to problem areas.