A proper survey is the beginning of a successful farming operation.

What is Surveying?

There is no simplified answer to drainage, and each field needs to be properly surveyed to ensure that the drainage plan will be case-specific.

Therefore, a topographical GPS survey with an accuracy of better than 2cm is the first step in the drainage process. This includes Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity which helps determine water flow.

Furthermore, we consider factors such as plant directions and water runoff.

On a larger scale, we use Lidar Aerial Surveys to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of surveying.

Together with this, soil profiling and sampling supply the AD team with enough data to formulate the perfect, customised plan.

How Can it Help Me?

  • Problem Areas
    To determine higher potential areas to be developed first.
  • Prioritise
    A complete survey will determine which areas
    need the most attention.
  • Soil Quality
    Locate areas with higher soil quality by
    determining which areas have higher
    sodium percentages.

"With aerial surveying the possibilities are endless and the advantages astronomical."

Types of Surveying


Initial low cost, low-resolution info for pre-identification of best areas for development..

Both airborne hyper-spectral and satellite multi-spectral sensors can monitor crop health during a growing season. Health is affected by pollution, drought, pests, and can be detected in the infrared bands long before it is apparent to the naked eye.

  • Up to date imagery
  • Topographical data
  • Multi-spectral for monitoring of crop health

Aerial Lidar

Surveying the whole farm allows you to see the bigger picture, sort out all the problems, and determine if dams are viable and where to build them.

  • Topographical data
  • Orthophoto
  • Cadastral maps
  • Other data examples such as
    pipelines and fences

Hyper Spectral

By combining soil classes, topographical data, rainfall statistics and other inputs, an analysis can be done to determine potential and drainage problems.

  • Soil calcification
  • Soil chemistry
  • Agricultural potential maps
  • Plant health

Thermal Mapping

You can determine which soils saturate quicker than others, where water levels are, find out if the type of soil is suitable to build a dam on and detect if your dam is leaking.

  • Mapping of water paths
  • Detection of leakages on earth dams
  • Mapping of saturated soils

Surveying with Quad

RTK GPS surveys to assure absolute accuracy.