We determine the best strategy to optimise water flow on your land. Whether it is leveling or forming, we know how to do it with optimal efficiency.

What is Surface Drainage?

Surface Drainage involves managing the water flow and direction on your land to eliminate ponding and dry spots in your field.

Although land levelling (traditional method) is effective in certain situations, we at AD are believers and experts in the more modern method – land forming – which is a lot more cost and energy efficient.

This modern approach uses software that formulates a 4D design to achieve the same results as levelling while moving just a fraction of the earth.

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How Can it Help Me?

  • Land forming/Surface Drainage
    Minimise erosion and promote more uniform water infiltration.
  • Contour and waterway building
    To assist surface drainage.
  • Land levelling
    For effective water utilisation.


  • Mostly more cost-effective than subsurface
  • Prevent ponding
  • Evenly spread water 
  • Less erosion
  • Fewer contours
  • Reduce input risks

"Take back control of your land by utilising the water you have on your land right"


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