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Due to the effects of climate change and economical challenges farmers are facing new problems every day.

Since water is becoming a treasured resource, water management plays a bigger role in agriculture than traditional agricultural practices have indicated. 

Sugar cane crop production reaches its full potential when the water table is kept at the correct depth, as this allows for optimal root establishment. 

This requires an investment in managing your water resources correctly. 

Poor drainage of fields, either due to too much or too little available water, can have a detrimental effect on crop establishment and even lead to complete crop failure.

Positive Results from Good Drainage

Surface drainage solutions offered by Agri Drainage will optimise your waterflow and eliminate wet spots and spread surface water evenly over the field, while subsurface drainage solutions will enable you to manage your water table level and keep it at the correct depth for maximum yield results.

Good drainage has further positive effects on farm management, like allowing earlier start up of harvesting after wet weather, reducing damage to fields by harvesting, maintaining soil structure and minimising erosion.

For sugar cane crops to thrive, surface and subsurface drainage issues should be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Danger of Delay

Delaying drainage will cause unnecessary yield losses, that occur mainly due to ponding.

The real danger is that long term ponding can lead to salinity build-up and a hardpan appearance due to loss of soil structure, the actual yield loss will already have happened at the stage of ponding.

Waiting to see if soil structure is damaged before implementing drainage solutions, will cause more damage than necessary and make the problem more difficult to rectify. It may also lead to subsurface draining issues or exacerbate problems already existing below the surface.

How can Agri Drainage help you?

As a leader in the business, Agri Drainage has heaps of experience in providing you with holistic solutions to your water management problems and drainage needs. We use the most advanced technology and well-researched solutions to boost the success of your business.

Decrease Your Risk

Following a holistic approach and combining good practices in both surface and subsurface drainage, as well as good irrigation, will eliminate variability in your crops and dramatically reduce your production risk.

Since these good practices will enable you to make use of surplus land, your yield will increase immediately and production risk will be reduced without you having to buy new land.

With lower risk, an added benifit is that getting funding for your business becomes easier.

Focus on what Produces the Greatest Results

Most modern agricultural practices are influenced by one thing: water.

In fact, studies have shown that yield variability is mostly influenced by too much or too little water. Some surface drainage solutions will yield immediate results that stay fairly consistent over time, while optimum subsurface drainage may increase crop yields by as much as 30%.

With these kinds of results, managing your water and drainage offers a simple solution with maximum benefit.

Yield vs Depth

The DrainFin Model, developed by Dr. Hamman Oosthuizen of OABS for the WRC study.

"With our many years of practice and prodigious technology and equipment we aim to serve all farmers in Africa"

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