If there is excess water in your soil which is causing anaerobic conditions that hamper root development, or you have a build-up of excess salts in your soil, you need a subsurface drainage system that can manage the water.

What is Subsurface Drainage?

When the origin of your water management problem lies below the surface, we have an imported, custom-built, top of the range Tile Plow to counter the issue..

This seamless process where drainage pipes are installed at specific slopes, gradients and depths according to a detailed, customised plan, helps you manage water table levels, salinity and optimise the use of rainfall.

Furthermore, this process cuts costs with up to 80% in comparison with conventional methods and saves time as we can install up to 7000m/28ha per day.

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How Can it Help Me?

  • Reclaim waterlogged areas
    Use all your land to its maximum potential.
  • Leach away unwanted Salts
    Improve your soil’s quality by draining away excessive salts.
  • Optimise the use of rainfall
    Make sure extra water is saved and that water is going where it’s most needed.
  • A complete solution for water and soil management
    A system that takes care of everything and guarantees a secure future.
  • Defence against droughts
    Improving drought resistance by stabilising the
    water table and saving water.

"Agri Drainage has installed over 1,6 million meters of subsurface drainage!"

Why Does it Work?

  • Extensive Experience
    In water management.
  • State of the Art Equipment
    Including the newest design of ‘Tile Plows.’
  • The Latest in Drainage Design Technology
    Using the Trimble Water Management software and RTK GPS control system that works at an accuracy of less than 2cm.
  • A Holistic Approach
    Designing a customised solution with the end goal in mind.
  • Higher Yields and Improved Crop Quality
    Improving drought resistance by stabilising the water table and saving water.
  • Cost and Time Efficient
    Cutting costs with 80% comparing to conventional methods as well as Installing up to 7000m/28ha per day with one machine.

Planning and Design

  • Tests for Subsurface Drainage K-sat And Soil Profiling
  • Subsurface Design
  • Details from software
  • Design of mains, sub-mains and laterals