What is Subsurface Drainage?

When the origin of your water management problem lies below the surface we have imported the custom-built, top of the range Tile Plow, to counter the issue.

 This seamless process where drainage pipes are installed at specific slopes, grades and depths according to the detailed, customized plan helps you manage water table levels and salinity and optimise the use of rainfall.

Furthermore, this process cuts costs with up to 80% in comparison with conventional methods and saves time as we can install up to 7000m / 28ha  per day.

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How Can it Help Me?

  • Reclaim waterlogged areas
    Use all your land to its maximum potential.
  • Leach away unwanted Salts
    Improve your soil’s quality by draining away excessive salts.
  • Optimise the use of rainfall
    Make sure extra water is saved and that water is going where it’s most needed.
  • A complete solution for water and soil management
    A system that takes care of everything and guarantees a secure future.
  • Defence against droughts
    Improving drought resistance by stabilizing the water table and saving water.

"Agri Drainage has installed over 1,6 million meters of subsurface drainage!"

Why Does it Work?

  • Extensive Experience
    In water management
  • State of the Art Equipment
    Including the newest design of ‘Tile Plows’
  • The Latest in Drainage Design Technology
    Using the Trimble Water Management software and RTK GPS control system that works at an accuracy of less than 2cm.
  • A Holistic Approach
    Designing a customized solution with the end goal in mind.
  • Higher Yields and Improved Crop Quality
    Up to 75% (wheat) and 34% (maize).
  • Cost and Time Efficient
    Cutting costs with 80% comparing to conventional methods as well as Installing up to 7000m/ 28ha per day with one machine.

Planning and Design

  • Tests for Subsurface Drainage Ksat And Soil Profiling
  • Design of mains, sub-mains and laterals
  • Details from software
  • Design of mains, sub-mains and laterals