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An investment that works 365 days of the year.

With the necessary footwork done, we can now assist you in finance options for drainage from all major financial institutions and agricultural co-ops. A variety of needs can be met with different options and packages of financing.

Now you can apply your cash flow to other important responsibilities and let drainage be the long-term investment it is meant to be. With an increased growth in yield of between 20% and 60% (depending on the type of crop), drainage is a working investment for 365 days of the year with a lifespan of 150 years.

Why Get Finance?


Make a calculated, well-planned investment through surface or subsurface drainage and experience great return.


We have partnered with leading financial institutions and agricultural co-ops to provide finance for drainage of your land.


A lifetime of water management which in turn has maximum yield increase as a result.

Agri Drainage is supported by SENWES CREDIT!

Quality Assured Solutions

With the objective of creating a calculated and focussed solution for the finance of drainage, we’ve partnered with strategic groups of professionals on behalf of our clients. Financing institutions include major South African banks and big agricultural co-ops who are on board and this presents great opportunity for asset based finance and multi-peril crop insurance. Furthermore, we work with the ARC (Agricultural Research Council) in researching and developing new guidelines for innovative and effective drainage ways, which serves as proof of the quality and benefits of the drainage services and products we offer.

Expected Increase in Yields

With many years’ experience in drainage we can communicate the following statistics regarding the outcomes of drainage as an investment.