A Turnkey Solution

We work in conjunction with the client and will be consulted on the feasibility and profitability of all scale agricultural projects. 

With our ample knowledge of big scale enterprises in the agricultural industry, we at Agri Drainage can provide a turnkey solution to all your Agricultural Water Management needs.

We also handle projects in their entirety, from the first thought to the final staff training; ideal for those who want to fund viable projects for agricultural products without necessarily having the skills or knowledge to do so.

Why Choose Us?


With over 1.6 million meters of Drainage installed and our history of involvement in crop farming, we have gained experience that enables us to bring successful yields to our clients.

Quality Assured Solutions

Walking the extra mile and really getting involved with each client and their needs, bring forth great quality service. We want to change your business forever. Be it in the way you farm, develop, plan or grow.

Newest Technology

We use nothing less than state-of the-art equipment and technologies to ensure that the latest trends, techniques and strategies are implemented to deliver the best possible results.

"With our many years of experience and prodigious technology and equipment, we are the most experienced agricultural drainage company in Southern Africa."


To grow our organisation using advanced technology, continuous research of industry changes and the varying needs of our clientele.
We will continuously diversify our skills to offer our clients more effective and efficient solutions.

Provide accurate, transparent and detailed advice to every client. Focusing on specific needs and situations to empower them to operate with more ease and greater productivity.


To find the most effective and cost-efficient way to do the job. We practice a holistic approach when delivering services and products while concentrating on excellent client relations and quality-controlled outcomes.


Senior Team

We strive to represent our clients in every aspect of drainage. We are pleased to walk the extra mile and experience the advantage of long-term relationships and trust with our clients.
It would be an honour to assist you in earning greater profits through effective, well-planned water management of your land.

Stephan Geldenhuys


Jaro Geldenhuys


Kobus Lessing

Survey and Design