Approach Water Management Holistically

Agri Drainage is ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse maatskappy wat spesialiseer in die bestuur van grondwater in die landbou-sektor. Ons het uitgebreide ondervinding in die ontwerp en installering van ondergrondse dreinering, landnivellering en presisieboerdery. 

With the growing population and encroachment on agri-cultural land, it is important to optimise land use. Recent climate changes and extreme weather patterns have made the optimisation of water management impera-tive for food security. Today’s producer needs to maximise yields and minimise risks and we, at Agri Drainage, have the solution: A holistic approach to water management.

Our services include a variety of specialised processes, creating a purpose-driven solution customised to fit the specific needs of the client.

  • Surveying (aerial light detection and ranging [LiDAR] as well as quad surveys).
  • Planning and feasibility (we use the latest most advanced soft-ware to propose an effective water management plan).
  • Surface drainage (involves managing the water flow and direc-tion on your field to eliminate ponding and dry spots).
  • Subsurface drainage.

Advantages of subsurface drainage

  • Reclaim lost land
  • Deeper root systems, drought resistant crops   Lower salination
  • Higher yields
  • Timeous field operations 
  • Building and reparation of dams.
  • Maintenance on subsurface drainage systems.

Agri Drainage can now assist you in finance options for drainage. This option allows every client to cover a larger area of drainage per contract and therefore reduces unnecessary costs. Larger contracts also mean that you can benefit from higher yields from year one and don’t have to wait around with lower yield to try and cover the rest of the field’s drainage. 

A variety of needs can be met with different options and packages of financing. 

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