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Use Agri Drainage for the best in the business with a reputable name, the most experience and best after sale service in Africa.

Low Cost

We always endeavour to make use of the most cost effective solution to your situation. Reclaiming unused land is much more affordable than buying new land.

Increase Yield

Improve not just your crop’s yield but quality too. Getting funding is made easier as we will help you with a business plan.

Advanced Technology

We use nothing less than state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to ensure that the latest trends, techniques and strategies are implemented to deliver the best possible results.

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Our Services

Water Management

At Agri Drainage we offer a turnkey solution when it comes to water management. We realise that every client’s need will be different and we would like to help with possible solutions as far as we can.

Subsurface Drainage

If there is excess water in your soil which is causing anaerobic conditions that hamper root development, or you have a build-up of excess salts in your soil, you need a subsurface drainage system that can manage the water.


There is no simplified answer to drainage and each field needs to be properly surveyed to ensure that the plan for drainage will be case specific.

Surface Drainage

We determine the best strategy to optimise water flow on your land. Whether it is leveling or land forming, we assure optimal efficiency with modern technology.

Other Services

We offer a wide variety of services that include the infrastructure of your farm.

"Agri Drainage is the leading drainage company in South-Africa!"

About Us

With our ample knowledge of big scale enterprises in the agricultural industry, we at Agri Drainage can provide a turnkey solution to all your Agricultural Water Management needs.


With the necessary footwork done, we can now assist you in finance options for drainage from all major financial institutions and agricultural co-ops. A variety of needs can be met with different options and packages of financing.